April 7, 2012

she rolls azure

eyes as if all the gelatin is a stone made out of compressed azure ocean and if that sand, if the crushed gravel of her bones, can make azure from yellow, and later, red from azure, she can live forever as the hungry fish goddess, companion of the fish god, her bowels tossed in azure sauce because the best flavorings are blue variants left in the muddy dark for too long, and her azure bowels slash the ocean floor. they yank bone grout from the great azure mouth and heave it at the surface where one azure hurricane after the next floods inland rivers and tears moisture from the dirt. [you cannot have everything in a blue shade, the male cautions her.] the ANGLER digs her fins into the mud. her azure teeth sparkle inside her azure chin reflecting off thousands of glassy azure teeth that rupture whenever she speaks, the enamel points individual cysts heaving against her gently praying body. [but i want azure in my eyes. and i want azure on my tongue. and if my bowels can become azure rocks, slimy sapphires broken into my fish bladder stones, then i might be happy for once in the darkness lacking all azure qualities, the ANGLER says and swallows the bile welling up in her throat.] it is azure bile, the best kind, one associated with fins and spikes and fatty tissue left on a hot grill for hours until the white curdles to clotted milk consistency. MOTHER OF THE AZURE FACE, HALLOWED BE YOUR BLUE, THE TURQUOISE COME AND THE TEAL BE DONE, IN WATER AS IT IS DONE IN THE SAND. GIVE US THE DAILY BLUE AND FORGIVE US OUR YELLOWS, AS WE FORGIVE REDS WHICH BLISTER AGAINST US. AND LEAD US NOT INTO GREEN TIDES, AND DELIVER US FROM PLUM, AMEN. HOLY AZURE, MOTHER OF SAPPHIRE, PRAY FOR OUR VIOLET, NOW AND AT THE HOUR OF OUR PURPLE, AMEN. HAIL AZURE, FULL OF BLUE, THE ORANGE IS WITH THEE. BLESSED ARE YOU, AMONGST AQUAMARINE, AND BLESSED IS THE NAVY OF THY WOMB, CERULEAN, the sand murmurs into the ANGLER’s azure gut, grains praying against azure skin and prying into azure scales. FOREVER AND EVER, AMEN. IN THE NAME OF AZURE, AMEN. IN THE SILENCE OF AZURE, AMEN. IN THE FRUIT OF AZURE, AMEN. IN THE STENCH OF AZURE, AMEN. IN THE SACRISTY OF AZURE, AMEN. IN THE BOWELS OF AZURE, AMEN. IN THE CATACOMBS OF AZURE, AMEN. IN THE STOMACH OF AZURE, AMEN. IN THE STONE YARDS OF AZURE, AMEN. IN THE AZURE OF AZURE, SLAUGHTERED BY THE BLUE, AMEN.




Quick note: tomorrow will be the last of the Angler pieces. Monday will be the start of a brand new topic, which is always fun.

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