April 12, 2012

(The best thing about working with Alice in Wonderland pieces right now is that they are perfectly suited for especially abstract pieces. It’s especially true today, since NaPoWriMo’s task is to write a homophonic piece based on another language. So today’s piece alternates between Spanish and English. The point is that I would write a sentence in Spanish, then play with the way it sounds in English. Honestly, it’s kind of fun.)




la reina roja,

perdida en el cielo, come cinco mil manzanas de plata. la, la, la, reins rowing, haha, haha, haha. purr die die in the sea, lower than my eyes, come sin with mills man saw on a plate. y entonces, la niña azul encuentra un gusano gordo con muchos ojos cocinaron con vino. why, in tombs and sense, la, la, NINA azure in coins and tra la las opens her eyes so wide, her stomach sneezes. [gus could not stop me, the girl says and goads her gourds until they come apart on one sinew tongue tucked in a sheet of vines.] pero, los monstruos malos se retuercen a través del hígado de ALICE y su hombre verde. per the ALICE bowels, loss is too much for her monster maladies and malarkey to see return to the traveling road strewn with dells and dips heaving around ALICE’s neck until ombre growths drop off her shoulders and flip the dirt. o, ALICE dulce, princesa de las calles del corázon, ¿rompiste? ALICE dons a robe of hearts and prances over frozen culls daring the cortisone medication to seep out of the rotten apple core strewn across the mercury carpeting, romping in the destroyed liver turrets. despues, ALICE llora cuando HATTER devora las setas colorados. la, la, la, la. ALICE.

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