August 29, 2014

“All there was to eat was lobster. All the other animals were gone. Only the ones in shells remained. Those of us with shell allergies died quickly. It was not from malnutrition but from our hunger. We ate the lobsters and immediately suffered adverse reactions. Our throats swelled to three times the normal width although our passages constricted. We sucked air in but none made it past the tongue. We stabbed at the inflation with forks but the tines bounced off the leathery meat. It was a series of quick bounces, one-two-three, and then the throats sealed shut permanently. Our bodies fell onto the floor and whined through our nasal passages. Those of us without allergies watched the ones who suffered and felt badly, but not for long. The less of us there were, the more lobster we had to eat. We ate the claws. We ate the tails. We didn’t bother cracking the shells with our hands. We put pulled off pieces of body into our mouths and ate. The shells cracked against our tongues. The shell fragments caught between our teeth and tore up our gums. We spit up blood. We dribbled the redness into the drawn butter which was just the little bits of lard we were able to smuggle out of the cosmetic surgery dumpster.”

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