December 30, 2014

“I felt pounds of feathers pressing up against my head. Their barbs were sharp and angled towards my neck so that if my head rested too comfortably, the spines would push into the meat, severing my spinal bonds. The nurses fluffed the pillow and gained bloody hands. This is all part of the ectopic condition, the nurses told me sadly. I didn’t know how much longer I could stand the vomit. It came out so thickly that it was like vomiting up chum. The black caught at the back of my throat and I gagged until a nurse pushed a finger into the side of my mouth and scooped the black out. She caught fingers of the material and dropped it to the tiles. The black splattered everything, leaving thick black blotches in a small circle at the side of the bed. I watched the puddle grow exponentially before it flowed beneath the bed, disappearing from sight.”


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