February 17, 2015

“I lost you but then, just as quickly, I found you again. You were facedown in water, your body blue but bloodied in parts where alligator teeth had ripped you open. I laid you upon my lap with your face turned skyward and I stitched you until you were whole. Those gaps in your flesh that couldn’t be pulled together with a series of quick stitches were patched with chunks of my own skin. In this way, you became part of me. I waited for you to breathe on your own. It took time for your lungs to rid themselves of the fluid you carried inside. You had swallowed so much and your lungs were weighed down. Water made it difficult to breathe but you tried. You breathed inside the water and so you took the water in. I worked my hands against your chest, pushing hard and your ribs cracked softly but water sputtered from your mouth. It was warm and brownish, tinted by those fluids rolling off your innards. When the last of the water was out, you blinked and looked around. You watched me watch you.”

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