February 18, 2015

“Because I tired of scrubbing the dirt of their bloody messes. Because these people took my alligators, strung them up by their tails, slit their throats, and pulled their scars off in a long sheet to wear upon their bodies. Because I couldn’t understand why those with flesh would want to wear the flesh of others. Because when the stripping was done, the alligators were cut up into little parts and eaten just as I had never wanted. Because those alligators that remained alive were barely fed and when they were, it was for the purpose of fast growth, a swelling that might make their flesh more valuable. Because so many of my alligators were dragged into concrete basins and left to swim in their squalor, their bodies packed in tight, and when they swam, it was through one another. Because when I looked at myself, I only saw the redness.”

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