February 28, 2015

“Men wearing alligator pelts lived in two rooms on the third floor. Every floor beneath was flooded and the carpets on the third floor were moist from the water pushing up from below. The alligator pelts still had the heads attached and when the men smiled, it was with the backs of their throats. Whenever I passed them in the hallways, the men leaned towards me, grinned, then snapped their teeth. They caught my skin each time, drawing blood. The men were so glad to lick the blood from their lips. They did it with their lips spread wide, the tongue twirling around their mouths, swiveling up, then coming down. They licked so slowly that I felt nervous while watching. They held my hands in theirs and squeezed my fingers until the skin went white. When they let me go, the feeling stayed away for nearly an hour. My fingers were bruised from their touches. The men carried dirty tote bags on their shoulders.”



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