April 19, 2015

“No matter where we turned, the mermaids were there, staring at us in the way only dead girls could. There were so many photographs on display, the town began treating the building like a museum. First one person went in, then four, then hoards of us. We came into the police station in the morning and stayed until late afternoon. We walked from wall to wall. The officers walked around us but got distracted by the mermaids. We stood with them in front of the mermaids, all our eyes directed at the waterlogged cheeks.”


“You went to the fishmonger. You bought pounds and pounds of fish. You chose a wide assortment. Small fish and medium fish and large fish. You liked the way the fish smelled. You leaned close to the icy display cases and inhaled. Sometimes the townswomen would pass by you and comment on how much fish you purchased. You explained that you were a pescatarian. By that, you only ate fish. No vegetables, no grains. Nothing but fish. You said it so sadly, as if it were a sickness you could not help.”


One thought on “April 19, 2015

  1. Maz says:

    Interesting pieces. Could they be turned into poems? See some of mine at: gramswisewords.blogspot.com

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