April 22, 2015

“Sometimes the women wondered who the first man was who ate a meal prepared by the bleed and died immediately after. Sometimes they wondered who gave them the blood originally and not even I had an answer for them. There were stories about the beginning that not even I knew. The women wrapped towels around their hips to keep the blood from flowing over the sides of their panties, and then they laid upon their beds, pulling the blankets over their heads until in that smothering dark, they fell into a fidgeting sleep that became wet, then somewhat drowned.”


“He kept a small tin of oil-packed anchovies beside his soap. I hooked a finger in the side of his mouth, then pulled his jaws apart, my smile growing the wider his mouth became. When his jaws cracked, I let him go, then took the anchovy tin. I gripped one small fish by its slick tail, then dangled it above the water. He watched the fish helplessly. I brought the fish beneath the bath bubbles and wiped it over his mouth, smearing him with grease. The oil came off the preserved body and made a rainbow cloud in the water.”


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