May 28, 2015

“The man and I made children. We joined together and the children were the end result. The children’s heads were interchangeable. They ripped them off and switched them around depending on their many moods. I thought the children might be schizophrenic. They stabbed their knees with unfolded metal wires while laughing hysterically. Several of the children leaned forward and shoved their fists into their belly buttons in order to tickled their stomachs and get a palm wet with acid. The children licked that acid burn and giggled while showing one another the many burns formed on their tongue centers. They screamed for birds while slurping tiny lines of tar trickling across their playpen floors.”

I’ve been struggling with my latest manuscript for the last week.¬†The manuscript was becoming so bizarre (a bad kind of bizarre) that I had no idea what to do with it. Then I tried reworking some of the text and ended up writing myself into a corner. I’m still in the process of adjustments but it seems clearer now. The manuscript was past 40,000 words at the end of last week and by the time I figured out how to fix it, I chopped the manuscript down to around 24,000 words. So much cutting always makes me nervous but I know that it’s necessary. I just hope that now that I’m starting to piece it back together, the writing will come more easily.


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