June 9, 2015

“From the top of the staircase, the man asked if I wanted a drink of water. I tilted my head in his direction and screamed until my throat was sore. I did not scream words; I screamed sounds. I screamed like a banshee. I screamed until I could not be certain if the screaming was in my head or throat. Did it matter where the screaming came from as long as the screaming came out? It did not. I did not need anyone to assure me of that fact. Every so often, something came sliding out the back of the basement. I felt it moving. I kept my eyes closed so that I would not accidentally make out its shadow while blinking. The thing asked questions I did not want to answer. It asked if I ever wanted to become a mother. I said I was already a mother but my children were all dead.”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Sorry for the lack of posting, friendlies. I was so focused on the writing lately that I just forgot to put some writing up. Plus, I’ve been making more of an effort to send out submissions. Before this month, my last submissions were sent out in March which is pretty horrible. So I’m really trying to make up for that submission lull. Also, the present manuscript (which is a re-working of a previous manuscript) is almost done. It’s around 59,000 words at present and I think there are a few thousand more words that need to be written before the story reaches its end.


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