*”The Butchers” – Heavy Feather Press

*”My Tumor’s Hunger” – NonBinary Review


*”#5 from Maman” (reprint) – (parenthetical): Editors’ Choice issue

*”Good Family Dinners” – pioneertown


*”Gelatin Molds” – Orthogonal Magazine

*”Mother Walked Into the Lake” – Scarlet Leaf Review

*”Mother” – Cyclopean

*”The Siblings” – Nonbinary Review

*”Mother in the Dark” – WOLVES Magazine!mother-in-the-dark/k1qd7

*”The Cat’s House” – See The Elephant

*”Excerpt from The Children” – The Avenue (Woman issue)

*”The Mother Chase” – Turn to Ash

*Interview with Alana I. Capria – Turn to Ash

*”Gas” – Unnerving Magazine

*Interview with Alana I. Capria – Unnerving Magazine


*”Excerpt from 25-Hour Diner” – Oxford Magazine

*Lilith – dancing girl press

*”Excerpt from Dysnomia” – Liminoid Magazine

*”Excerpt from Dysnomia” – The Rusty Toque

*”#5 from Maman” – (parenthetical)

*”Lilith’s Extra Rib” (reprinted) – A cappella Zoo (Issue #15 — Queer & Familiar: the trans, gay, and lesbian collection)

*”Valet de Chambre” – and/or (Issue #5)


*”Pickled Churches” – Zymbol

*#3 from “Travels of the Bovine Uterus” – Shuf Poetry Issue 4

*”A Man With a Hat” – Bedlam Publishing Issue 2

*”Excerpt from Chiaroscuro” – Crab Fat Magazine

Wrapped in Red – Montag Press


*Hooks and Slaughterhouse – Montag Press

*excerpt from “Lilith’s Extra Rib” – A cappella Zoo “Bestiary” issue

*excerpt from Organs – Keep This Bag Away From Children

*”A Letter Girl Sends to Boy After They First Meet” – Crack the Spine

*”A Man Rationalizing the Skin” – On the Rusk

*”Blue, Eurydice” – Cactus Heart

*”The Body Forest” – DM (Danse Macabre) Du Jour

*”Men, Eggs” – Menacing Hedge

*”A Mold Religion” – Scary Bush (piece doesn’t have a direct link)

*3 pieces from “The Bovine Uterus” – Resist! #2

*3 pieces from “The Cells” – Vinyl Poetry

*from “Formaldehyde Fairies” – Meat for Tea (Vol. 7, Issue 3 – Bone)

*from “Formaldehyde Fairies” – Miseria’s Chorale

*”A Rabbit Named____ (One, Two Three)” – Clockwise Cat


*All People I Don’t Like Have Demonic Dogs Eating Their Intestines – Step Chamber blog

*from Velociraptor […] – Mighty Merccury

*Don’t Tell Me What to do with My Vagina and I Won’t Give You a Vasectomy – Step Chamber blog

*If I Were a Farm Animal, I Would Be a Goose. Then I Could Peck Idiots’ Eyes Out and Fly Away – Step Chamber blog

*3 pieces from The Bovine Uterus – Mixer Publishing

*from Evil Family Members- Mighty Mercury

*(((a radiator play))) – Kill Author

*excerpt from Hooks and Slaughterhouses – Step Chamber

*excerpt from October 2011 journal- Step Chamber

*excerpt from July 2011 journal- Step Chamber

*excerpt from Sid of Sam – Step Chamber

*Tarot Card stories – Step Chamber

*Answers to Cartographies survey (excerpt from Shadow Person Hallway) – Step Chamber

*Organ Meat, Killing Me – Turtleneck Press


*The Ambiguous Couple – Mighty Mercury

*5 pieces from The Bride Enters the Chamber– Basement Stories

*Cadaver Dolls With Stitched Lips– Mighty Mercury

*The Bride Resists the Chamber – Gone Lawn

*Fleshy Angels and Angelic Worms – Mighty Mercury

*3 pieces from Out of the Brilliant Sky, a Bloodbath– Mighty Mercury

* Response to Oh, the Mirror of the Moon is Trumpeting, Tra La– Step Chamber Blog

*Random Thoughts That Stab My Writing Relentlessly (Or, a Brief Introduction to Alana)- Step Chamber Blog

*Part 1 of A Room of My Own – THE2NDHAND

*Part 2 of A Room of My Own – The 2ND HAND

*Part 3 of A Room of My Own – THE2nd HAND

*2 pieces from Bluebeard, Making Messes– The Step Chamber

*The Moonhagged Lovers (w/ Micah Dean Hicks) – The Step Chamber

*3 pieces from The Woman’s Cadaver Closet – Mighty Mercury

*Hansel Started Crying- Fiction365

*A View of What Could Potentially Happen if the World Ends Saturday – Step Chamber blog

*In Response to the Accusation That Women Are Too Sentimental to Be Truly Creative- Step Chamber blog

*Inanna’s Lunar Stygian – Eternal Haunted Summer

* #3 from In the Rusted Hospital – Mighty Mercury

*#19 from Alana’s Radiator – Step Chamber

*Communal Question about Walls with Owen Kaelin and Tantra Bensko

*Communal Question about Color with Owen Kaelin and Tantra Bensko

*On the Death of My Personal Blog – Step Chamber

*I Speak to Mrs. Snaggletooth Mouthface About an Impending Family Reunion – Step Chamber

*Ode to the Writing Machine- Step Chamber

*#2 from Evil Thoughts in Miami – Step Chamber

*#13 from Keeper of the Dolls – Mighty Mercury

*#1 from A Spiral of Naughty Things– Step Chamber

*#6 from Porcelain Faces, the Doll Survey– Step Chamber

*Water Cakes – Step Chamber

*Electric Needle Beds – Step Chamber

*#1, #2, and #4 from City of Mold – Step Chamber

*#1 and #2 from Split Pictures of Nancy Drew – Step Chamber

*Answers to Mycellium Survey- Step Chamber

*Answers to Dolls’ Dead Eyes- Step Chamber

*3 pieces from Formaldehyde Fairies– Evertalis

*On the Death of My Rabbit- Step Chamber

*Little Red Zombie Hood– One Buck Horror

*If You Try to Maul Me, I’ll Maim You Back – Step Chamber

*Baby in Threads – NAP Magazine

*3 pieces from In the Vinegar Realm– scissors and spackle

*Letter from the Guest Editor- Gone Lawn

*Black-Eyed Women Beneath the Couch- Trickhouse

*Angry Letters I Write to People I Don’t Like- Step Chamber blog


*3 Pieces from Purple Insanity Suns– Thirteen Myna Birds

*4 Pieces from Black Hole Doctors– Mighty Mercury

*3 Pieces from Judges of the Underworld – Danse Macabre

*3 Pieces from Hysterectomies in Wonderland– Mighty Mercury

*5 Pieces from In This Dark Place – Seahorse Rodeo Review

*6 Pieces from Asylum Fairy Tales– Weird Year

*3 Pieces from Oil-Slicked Fish– Poets for Living Waters

*Cassandra in 10 Parts – Mighty Mercury

*#1 from Carbon Monoxide in the Madam’s Belfry– Trapeze Magazine

*#3 from Carbon Monoxide in the Madam’s Belfry– Trapeze Magazine

*Wolves from Fairy Tale Ghazals–

*3 Pieces from Ding Dong the Stepkid’s Gone– Clutching at Straws

*3 Pieces from Evil Etherees– Mighty Mercury

*Zygote Tankas – Silkworms Ink

*Red Bits– Mighty Mercury

*False Bridges– (This is) Disingenuous Twaddle

*The Wolf’s Menstruation – Mighty Mercury

*Hansel in the Shadows – Mighty Mercury

*A Book of Life in Ten Parts – Fertile Source

*Abbreviated Motherhood, Abortion as Form of Love, and Revision as Medicine with Alana I. Capria –

*Pieces of a Beast’s Beauty- Mighty Mercury

*2 Pieces from The Red Apex– Locust Magazine

*Savior Beeman– Mighty Mercury

*The Anatomical Woman Runs Away– Mighty Mercury

*Children and Blood from Fairytale Ghazals – Twisted Dreams Magazine—the-magazine-for-those-whose-blood-runs-a-darker-shade-of-red/12480766

*#2 from Doll Island – Breadcrumb Scabs

*The Other– Mighty Mercury


*Red, My New Favorite Color- No Record Press

*Black Sheep Lane- Literary Chaos

*The Syndrome- Quiet Mountain Essays

*Frijol- Our Truths/Nuestras Verdades

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